Hair City Fair explores the exquisite sleaze of the beachside boardwalk, the intoxicating odor of the county fair, the homemade surrealism of the midway show, the dented delirium of the carnival chalk prize.  The carnal desires of the carnival-goer are propelled, like the feet of the museum-goer, by a lust for all of the components of color: a hunger for hue, a deep-seeded need for saturation, a thirst for brightness. Add to the mix an itch for the abnormal and a desire for devastation and there you are, on the midway, at the ticket booth, hand in your pocket, reaching for your change. It is a place very near there, at the point of overlap between the carnival game and the museum wall, that House Pencil Green seeks to exploit, for the myriad of purposes that include your viewing pleasure.

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